Building the marketing funnel

using a partner’s procurement program
Weak points:
in conditions of CoViD-19 epidemy the supplies of spare parts have become costly, time of logistics has also increased, the sales volume has gone down.
Target audience:
Headquarters: Procurement managers and business leaders. Age: 25 and above. Revenue: Middle, High, Premium.
Siberia, Far East
Decision by clients:
To make a service of joint procurement in order to unite different ordering customers for one procurement (to fill one container with production of several companies) to reduce the procurement costs at the maker plant, logistics and customs clearance.
Goal of the advertisement campaign:
to increase the number of real buyers; to minimize losing potential clients; to increase the number of repeated sales.
  • To analyze the company’s market; to estimate activeness of clients
  • To specify a unique selling proposition by the Ordering customer
  • To work out a concept of the advertisement campaign
  • To make ad creatives
  • To start the advertisement campaign
  • To work with the available and constantly growing database of clients through e-mail promotion;
  • To work out a mechanism of building the marketing funnel at the site using landing pages and banner advertisement.
What was made?
Creation of a landing page with lead forms for acquisition of data on potential clients.
Banner advertisement (we have worked out advertisement creatives and have launched them into the Yandex Advertising Network): offers + made retargeting at the visitors of the main site of the company for more than 1 time
Emailing We have made a bunch of different messages for selling the product in the company. Sending a new series of messages starts at renewal of the partners’ procurements.
Specialized article. In order to support the advertisement campaign, we placed a sponsored article at business portals or specialized sites.
We have formed a chain
capable of aiding in leading the potential client to the purchase (see the picture below):
Existing database of clients
Site of “Snabzheniye Vostoka” LLC
Emailing service
Landing page of “Partners’ procurements” – data acquisition
Banner/ offers at specialized sites
Sponsored article at business portals and specialized sites
Service of partners’ procurements
We have worked out a complex strategy capable of enabling to sell a service not only once but for a long period in the future. The result has overcome expectations of the client because originally the client wanted to sell the service offline which couldn't have given high results.

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