A set of promotional measures
Limited liability enterprise “Regional Society of Car Owners of Primorye”
  • To increase the number of requests for car accident formalities
  • To increase the average bill amount by selling additional services
  • To strengthen the image of the company at the market
  • Market analysis
  • Accumulation and systematization of marketing data on the company
  • Optimization of lead processing, minimization of losses
  • Creation of news hooks for enforcing activities in media
Target group:
Men and women of 18+ using automobiles actively
  • Vladivostok
  • Artyom
  • High competition at the market, many unofficial insurance adjusters
  • Complicated scheme of paperwork and getting payment form insurance companies
  • Negative opinions about the company at the market
  • People are afraid to sign the service contracts at the road. Historically there has appeared a common practice of illegal payment in cash, and new clients are not willing to work legally
  • There is a fear and unwillingness among people to assert their rights in courts
  • The service prices exceed the market average level
  • Forming public opinion:
    • Use mass media (informational items on correct (or “official”) work of insurance adjusters
    • Active work with the public through social network services (company’s own account, news publics)
    • Work with feedbacks in the charts and guide books
  • Acquisition of data into a single Dashboard equipped with synchronization and control of the market activity and business processes.
  • Appraisal of effectiveness of advertisement campaign: analysis of the cost of attracting clients and analysis of payback forms the leads at various communication channels.
  • Working out various landing pages, work with different strategies of traffic attraction
Problems found during adjusting the advertisement campaign:
  • Promotion of several sites competing for the impression (original incorrect settings for the context)
  • Fraud (click-fraud to reduce our budget by the competitors) which took away 50% of daily advertisement budget and prevented us from showing commercials in the second half of the day
What did we arrive at during our work?
  • Readjustment of advertisement campaigns in search engines, change of impression strategies
  • Reducing expenditures for the marketing
  • Fraud percentage was reduced
  • Change of pages of companies in charts and guide books brought about the ranking increase and appearance at tops of search engines
  • Loss of new clients due to improper settings of the telephony
  • A whole set of video clips “Have you known that?” was produced to inform the car enthusiasts concerning formalities in case of car accidents
  • Participation of the president of the society as an expert in news for TV and Instagram city publics
  • Slogans and new visual contents have been worked out
  • Instagram account has been updated (visual contents, themes of posting, tendering processes, target, integration into the city news publics)
Complex analytics of the business:
  • Monitoring of competitors
  • Acquisition of key indicators for analyzing
  • Analysis of incoming clients
  • Analysis of effectiveness of the placement grounds
  • Monthly work report
  • Creating Dashboard for online monitoring for all indicators of the company
A decision was found on how to increase the revenue at minimal cost (additional sales, controlling return of documents for insurance companies)
  • Identification of USPs
  • Finding out “weak points”
  • Identification of systematic shortcomings in the work of the company
  • Reduction of expenditures
  • Growth of target-oriented requests from the market
  • Enhancing the image at the market
    (information field, recommendations from drivers)
A team is working at promotion including
a marketing expert, internet marketing specialist, analyst, designer, web content manager, account manager.
Market experience of 11 years

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