Promotion of the casino Tigre de Cristal, 2016
Gambling zone “Primorye”
prohibition on direct casino advertising
Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai
organization of the "Cristal Broadway Show" talent contest at the Casino Tigre de Cristal, attracting residents of the Far East as participants and guests of the show
Goals of Cristal Broadway Show:
  • to increase the number of active visitors to the casino,
  • to attract artists to the show,
  • to increase the loyalty of the region's residents to the casino,
  • to increase the recognizability of Tigre de Cristal.
Tasks of House Media:
  • Forecasting and reduction of media risks
  • Involvement of artists in the project
  • Attracting visitors to the casino
  • Forecasting and prevention of legal risks within the whole project
  • Increasing the recognizability of the casino, the formation of desire to visit the casino
Forecasting and reduction of media risks
Distrust of the audience to the whole ads campaign
Lower efficiency of the budget’s spending снижение.
Distrust of artists to the organizers of the show
Artists’ refusal to take part in the show
Refusal of mass media to publish information about the casino
decrease of ads’ efficiency reduction to shape a public opinion
Force majeure circumstances in the casino during the performance
Distribution of the negative in mass media Project closure
Placement of illegal content, demonstration of prohibited actions on the project site by participants
Reputational failure, project closure
formation of public opinion through mass media, personality of jury members and first project participants
TV news on channels with local ad insert
News on regional news sites
Participation of jury members in the news and social networks of the project from the first person
Series of programs on regional TV with the participation of the first contenders for the prize
For the audience of each platform a news line and a form of submission was formed.
Uploading of illegal content to the project site was excluded by preliminary moderation by the organizing committee.
The developed technical solution let us:
  • control the process of content posting,
  • keep records of artists by genre,
  • form plans of the first performances,
  • highlight the most interesting participants.
Also the function of voting by visitors on the site for the prize of audience sympathy was implemented.
Involvement of artists in the project
Involvement of viewer in the project
Two waves of media campaign.
The first wave – attracting artists, forming of a public opinion.
The second wave – attracting visitors to the project.
The activity period is from May 27 to August 15, 2016. The activity was divided into flights depending on the situation with artists' applications and audience feedback.
Work with legal risks of the project
  • 1. Negotiations with supervisory authorities, assessment of the legal framework within the framework of the possibility of entertainment show on the territory of the gambling zone with the involvement of the audience from mass media.
  • 2. Development of the contest regulations.
  • 3. Contest mechanics development, official documents preparation.
  • 4. Preparing a package of documents for the possibility of holding a show on the territory of the casino.
  • 5. Rules for the show on the site for all involved persons (participants, organizing committee, stage workers, video production team etc.).

  • 6. Agreements with participants of the show, including:
    • alienation of exclusive copyrights to all photo and video materials with their participation in the casino;
    • participants' own responsibility for their health during the demonstration of their program;
    • protection of information security of the organizer in case of clarification of any non-public information;
    • obtaining the rights of the organizer to conduct ads campaign using the image of the participant,
    • independent dispute resolution with the authors of intellectual property used in the show;
    • other conditions related to project implementation.
In a very elementary stage of negotiations, the media refused to broadcast information about the casino, as there were risks of fines and warnings from FAS.
We provided FAS and mass media representatives with a chain of arguments that allowed the PR company:
  • information about the event is not advertising and does not relate to the law "On Advertising»
  • positioned object (the show) is not a structure related to the casino, so the show can be reported in mass media,
  • All story scripts, news texts and photos were carefully checked and moderated by FAS,
also we gained the right to announce directly about the event’s location (the casino) and mention the name of the site.
Activity / Achievement of goals
Reach of all advertising activities: 527 000 devices
Number of contacts with one person except social networks: 5
Number of contacts with one person in social networks: 6
Number of displays in the visible part of the screen: 1 500 000 показов
Views on YouTube from ads: 101 000 views
Have a strong connection with the brand Crystal Broadway and Tigre de Cristal: 17 250 people
Site of the project, traffic source, in %
Activity/ Achievement of goals
  • 45 posts in news and creative public pages on VK/FB/Instagram/OK
  • 8 news sites,
  • 5 internet sites to place banner ads
  • 5 social networks (creatives, posting, targeted ads, management)
  • 4 different emotional messages in mass media
  • 4 entertainment channels
  • 3 news channels
  • 2 radio stations
  • 1 House Media team
  • Google Display Network
  • Yandex Advertising Network
  • Project website with the possibility of sending applications, watching video, voting,
  • additional functions for the organizing committee.
Overachievement of the target 16%
232 participants were selected
The first quarter of the final show the casinos visited:
  • More than 1000 people, who have never been to the gambling zone before
  • 800 people, who have previously visited a gambling zone
The media campaign ensured the maximal attendance of the casino in all subsequent stages of the show (quarter finals, semi-finals, final).
Everyone who did not get to the casino could watch the show on YouTube, the project site and regional television.
This show became the largest in the Far East in this direction.

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1th floor, office 101

Working hours:

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