TV and radio

People will see your product and your product will see people!
Contact us, as one of the market leaders in placing TV commercials, to get access to all channels: federal, including cable channels, regional inserts on federal channels and local regional channels. Residents of Far Eastern regional centers, residents of small towns and villages (from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok to Big Stone and Korsakov) will see your ads. Our great experience will help you to form a proper accomodatiion package, whether it's federal channels (from TV3 and Friday to TNT and Channel One Russia) or narrow thematic/cable channels (from Nickelodion to Karusel).

As direct partners of the National Advertising Alliance of the Russian Federation, we always have great discounts and reasonable prices. No cheating -  we always put stress on interests of the advertiser! If you don't get on the air because of the long video production, we'll pull the strings and you'll be on the air; if there is a technical failure and the commercial is poorly played on the channel - we will quickly fix it and give you compensation; for regular customers and clients who took a placement for 50 000+ rubles we break out additional bonus airtime! Moreover all this is on different channels.

We always have the latest ratings of TV watching on hand, so you can be sure that you get the most proper package of accomodation according to the popularity of channels and programs. We'll offer you several options for accommodation and tell you what's the benefits of one or another. Feel free to contact us; it doesn't matter what budget you have - TV advertising is very flexible.

People will see your product again and your product will see people again!
To build your advertising campaign like diamond royal, look attentively at the weather forecast. Hot or pleasant offers are waiting for you from Russia-1, Russia-24, OTV and several radio stations. By the way, about the radio! Now we have incredible discounts on AvtoRadio, Europe Plus and Dacha, and your videos can scored by a female or male voice that you liked. Let's return to TV, and we should mention the incoscpicuous product placement on the OTV (programs from Avtopatrul to Life in the Big City); tell about the events surrounding your campaign through news items on OTV, Russia-1 and Russia-24, and if you become a sponsor of sports broadcast - then you take the bisquit, just like our hockey team Admiral and local drifters.

The cost of TV accomodation is so flexible that it is the only service which price we will tell  you after a pleasant conversation (with a cup of coffee if you want). But we can tell you about radio: on the average the sufficient accommodation is about 30 000 rubles for a couple of weeks on one radio station. But if you grab a split offer (ask us what is it), you'll be on three radio stations for the same budget, but with a long term of accomodation and, in fact, bigger reach!