Your brand will become a bait in social networks!
On the average inhabitants of Primorye region spend 2 hours in Vkontakte and just under in Odnoklassniki and Instagram. We are sure that such businessmen as you prefer Facebook and Instagram; but housewives and villagers – Odnoklassniki. The young people, who surfed Vkontakte for days and nights, have grown up and now spend money there. For example, in Far Eastern Federal District an average cost of purchase in social networks is 317 rubles, but in Central Federal District it’s 841 rubles. Do you need more reasons to come to social networks? Of course, this concept doesn’t fit everyone, but if you want your clients to ask questions, watch your specials and discounts, permanently buy food, clothes, jewellery, books, lessons, tickets on shows, then it’s for you!

You need no likes, but you need sales?
No problem! We'll be able to compose a proper content plan to warm up your followers for a purchase. It's easy: today we publish a post on unrelated matters, tomorrow – about advantages of your goods, the day after –  your customer's feedback, and on weekend you will have one more sale. Working with us you will know what's «happening» around your brand because we work with feedbacks and rumours and answer questions; and you’ll have a plan of publications. By the way, you need not to be in all social networks – we’ll choose the one where your client is. We can not promise that people will break into a run to your shops, but we guarantee that that when they think about the purchase, they’ll come back to your brand. That’s how social media work.

How much will it cost to like your brand?
Any agency would equivocate now, but we want to be honest. Usually a management of one social network costs 10 000 rubles per month. Do not need a photographer - cheaper! Need a shoot with drone - more expensive! We even can do live from your enterprise – we are sure that it would be interesting for people to see how you work. Moreover it’s necessary to attract attention to your public page. Here the prices really differ depending on chosen network. Odnoklassniki are the most expensive: 20 000 rubles per month for target audience, but they buy up everything like hamsters! Vkontakte can be cheaper, about 11 000 rubles, but only if you have a well-defined portrait of your audience. Instagram is something average – 15 000 per months, for example, for Stas Mikhaylov’s fans or party animals. So the wider your audience, the more high-priced its attention to your brand.
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