You've bought domain, what's next?
Our sites policy is simple and stands on the 3 pillars: if your site wrongly opens on mobile, you do not have a site; If you like your site, but do not like your customers, you do not have a site; if you do not have a site, then you are not in business. Our sales managers strongly believe in this concept and that's why they will sell you a development of the site, even if you already have it. Why are we exactly? You can look at our cases, yes, they are beautiful, but beauty is not the only reason. User-friendliness, functionality and adaptability are our credo. We work with the requirements document, but we'll find the time for editing as well.

The site is only the part of the iceberg, but the upper or the lower one - it's up to you.
Templates are not for us. Freelancers are not for us. The site that costs 30 000 rubles - it's not for us. Why? Because we appreciate our product, we are ready to come to a meeting and recall our designers/programmers from computers, so you would be able to tell them what you want from the site. And there will always be a marketer who will monitor the site and prevent it from turning into a "candy for the client", but becoming necessary for the target audience and user-friendly for promotion. We are the whole team, and it seems like we prepare your site for a wedding or the first release.

So 30 000 is not for you?
That's true, on the average the cost of site development lasts 1 month, and we do not take projects less than 40 000 rubles. We do not use any templates, we work with the client according to requirements document and try to take into account all the wishes, but not in favour of usefulness for potential visitors. The whole team from the designer to the marketer is involved in the development – as a result you have not just a site, but a ready area where you can invite your future customers.