Can you make video without sound but attracting attention?
Creating  of videos is a process that involves a lot of people. In spite of it on average it takes us about 3 days to create one commercial. Why? Because the process is gotten on all levels and our experience lets us to avoid problems and remaking the video. By the way, it is very important, because the current legislation exposes a lot of requirements to TV advertising, for example, realisation of promotion or advertising medical services.
At a low production cost, you can get a graphic video, an animated video, a video shoot or an audio commercial. On average, the cost of a high-quality commercial is 15-20 thousand rubles, but If the video mainly consists of photographies and voicework, then we can limit up to 5 000 rubles. Audio commercials from our wonderful speakers are bought up for 3 000 rubles. Of course, if you put more creative and graphics into the video, then the price will increase. Ask the exact price via WhatsApp – we'll calculate quickly!