Contextual advertising

We can write the haiku in 33 symbols!
Your products and services are searched on the Internet, be sure, people really do that. Both on Yandex and Google almost in equal measure. You can ask us on WhatsApp how many requests people do on your topic and you will be surprised. And don't wonder that your competitors are already there – it's really convenient. Some woman is looking for beauty salon and competitor's ads is shown – it's the answer on her question. But there is a problem – on the average there are 3-5 ads places on the searching page, and you need to catch to take your own place. The earlier you you start to show your ads there, the cheaper advertising will be.

Calls to the office, messages on the phone and views of the site.
Your ad will be shown right under the search bar. Want more calls - we'll start showing a special ad with a call button on mobile; you need more conversions to the site and filling in forms - shows on the computer for a certain gender and age. You don't work around the clock - we will expose the schedule of impressions, everything is simple. You should only remember that we must answer the client's request. And we know how to do it, because we have the experience. In addition, we are «transparent» - you'll have an access to your personal account 24/7 so you will be able to see which phrases bring you more money.

For what you'll pay?
We know a secret that many agencies are not onto - in this advertising you pay for the impressions. The more useless impressions happened, which did not lead to a click, the more you pay. Knowing this truth, we've saved ourselves and our clients from thousands and thousands of wasted budgets. How do we know this? We have specialists with Yandex and Google certificates, the real certificates. So write us on WhatsApp, tell us how your clients try to find you and we'll tell you how much it costs. We'll even count the forecast of clicks!