It will be a WOW campaign!
Phones, tablets, computers and laptops – today we find for them more time then for TV or magazines. Latest news: about 40% of all advertising costs in Russia accrues to the Internet, and we are sure that a half of this sum is banner advertising. But Why? Because it’s a great substitution for cloying TV, radio and newspapers. What’s a specialty of banners? They are beautiful, they lead to your site, they show your goods on all devices and you can exactly know how many people have seen your ads on the screen. You don’t need to order a design, just send us pictures and we’ll do everything. For free. If you need to tell a wide audience about your offer quickly, for example, women 25=+ with children, or a strict audience, for example, men who buy plane tickets to APR, banners are the best choice!

Have we increased our chances in your tender?
We are sure that we have, because as far as we know we have the  lowest agency commission on banner advertising. But it isn't all! The banner advertising is not as simple as it seems to be! So someone bought your X product, but you need to sell a supplement for X product in a month – that's fine! We'll put in your site's code all necessary counters-tagline to show your ads to people, who have already bough something, and start showing banners in a month. Or we can start work in social networks, find these people and invite them in your public page. Or maybe you're making a sale?  Clients, who already bought something, take well to it, and we'll help you in this case. Show, collect data and show again – that's a motto of banner advertising.  

You need not only beautiful, but also useful?
Frequency, reach, and number of visible impressions - these are the three pillars by which you can understand what you are paying for. It will be in a report in the end of ads campaign – no way round it. The pricing principle is simple: the more people you want to reach and the more advertising is targeted on them, the more they cost and the more is the advertising budget. For example, the ads of sunflower seeds around the whole Far East will cost 60 000 rubles per month, the ads of a sports goods net in big cities of Far East is 30 000 rubles, and Figure skating school in Vladivostok is 8 000 rubles.

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