Online broadcasts

We have a new service and want to tell you something interesting about it.

The trend of 2017 is live broadcasts. Did you notice how Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook and even Odnoklassniki added Stories and Live in their services? There’s something behind that - the preferences of users are changing. In conditions when the feed is already full of content, it is very difficult to attract the attention of a large part of your audience. But then online broadcasts come to the rescue. Now every service, when Live starts, immediately notifies all subscribers about it. You’ll be seen after thousands of people, and our work is to keep their attention and get across your product - our work. And we manage it greatly! Show the best in your shop or salon, tell about it your followers in live chat, and you'll see how the attitude to your brand will change - they will love you.

Making stream in social networks and YouTube

Video is good, but there are still many questions that you need to solve. We can shoot even in places without Internet - the satellite knows its business. In addition, we launch interrogations on air without any problems, make stream design at the highest level and monitor the number of viewers. This nice thing costs 5 000 rubles per 1 hour of broadcasting with 1 camera. If it is important for you to appear from several sides, then several cameras will be required – the price won’t change simnifically. Did we spark your interest? Have  any questions? Write us on WhatsApp – we'll always find the time to tell you more about these miracle technologies!