DA Remontam!

"DA Remontam!" is a new unique and modern video magazine about building, repair, interior design, home and country house arrangement. This video magazine has 2 formats in Primorye region: a formal 10-minute program on OTV and RBC, and also informal items on YouTube with spreading in social networks. The total reach of OTV and RBC in Primorye is 2 000 000 viewers (according to RTRBN), moreover, in the social networks the potential audience of videos reaches 500 000 viewers.

The program is notable for a special approach to advertising – the native ads. That is useful, accessible and not obvious advertising information about your products and services. Among other things we often organise interrogations, giveaways, live broadcasts, interviews with managers and collecting feedback in the social networks. This is a great opportunity to reach a new level of communication with the target audience, to be closer to it and to react quickly to its wishes. The cost of placement really depends on the wishes of the advertiser and the author of the program - we are strictly against rough placement, as this can damage the program and frighten away the audience, so placing the item for 2 weeks in good TV time costs 40 000 rubles. And if you want to repeat the item in 1-2 months, these additional broadcasts will be even cheaper for you. Contact us via What'sApp to talk about participation of your product in our video magazine.